Facts On Horses

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I think every little boy and/or girl always has a dream of having their own horse or pony. I was lucky enough to grow up on a pony farm where we raised, trained, showed and bred registered Shetland ponies. It was a wonderful way to grow up. My siblings and I learned a lot. We learned responsibility, by having to feed, groom and look after the ponies. We learned patience by training them and just being around them. We learned acceptance, that not everyone is perfect, us or them. We learned the agony of defeat and thrill of victory in the show ring. We learned never to say, “We’re bored” as there is always something that needs doing. We learned about nature as you would watch the birth of a new foal.  But most of all we learned about unconditional love!

I think the “unconditional love” is the best part. To walk out to the pasture and have them coming running over to say hello, or if you are having a bad day and need someone to listen, they are always there. If you are riding and fall off, they wait for you to get back up and climb on again. They always loved to play games as well, like follow the leader, do some tricks and of course anything for a few treats. And of course the love and affection they show each other.

I now have horses and the same holds true for them, but they are just bigger. I felt I had a wonderful childhood and wanted to raise my kids with the same type of learning experiences I had, the same natural teachers, babysitters and friends – horses. Enjoy!

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